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House Menu Lists


Quality House Wines from NZ.

Sauvignon Blanc: Kopiko Bay   
Glass $10.00  Bottle $36.00
Chardonnay: Kopiko Bay
Glass $10.00  Bottle $36.00

Pinot Gris: Kopiko Bay
Glass $10.00  Bottle $36.00

Rose’ Kopiko Bay
Glass $10.00  Bottle $36.00

Pinot Noir: Kopiko Bay
Glass $12.00  Bottle $39.00

Merlot: Kopiko Bay
Glass $12.00  Bottle $39.00

“Kopiko Bay” wine from NZ, made by Wither Hills of Marlborough.

Central Otago regional Wines from NZ.

Mt Difficulty Roaring Meg: Sauvignon Blanc
Glass $12.00  Bottle $44.00

  Mt Difficulty Roaring Meg: Riesling
Glass $12.00  Bottle $44.00

  Mt Difficulty Roaring Meg: Pinot Gris
Glass $12.00  Bottle $44.00

Mt Difficulty Roaring Meg: Chardonnay
Glass $14.00  Bottle $48.00

Mt Difficulty Roaring Meg: Rose’
Glass $12.00  Bottle $44.00

  Mt Difficulty Roaring Meg: Pinot Noir
Glass $14.00  Bottle $48.00

“Mt Difficulty Roaring Meg” regional wine from Central Otago NZ.

Lindauer NZ Sparkling wine: Brut or Fraise
200ml   Bottle $12.00

Lite Snacks Menu
Full Dine-In Menu is available Wednesday to Sunday
BASKET of FRIES: $7.50

Fish & Chips basket                                    $13.00

Sausage & Chips basket                              $13.00

Chicken Nuggets & Fries                              $13.00

Add Chicken Gravy for                               $3.00

GARLIC BREAD:     $9.50                Baguette Ciabatta
CHEESEY PESTO BREAD:        $11.50      Oven Baked

KUMARA CHIPS:                                             $11.80
With homemade Gravy
SEASONED coated WEDGES:                         $12.40
Sweet Chilli and Sour Cream dip
NIBBLES SELECTION:                                       $16.80
Bite sized fried delights with Chips.
BURGERS with Fries:                                          $17.50  
Beef  Burger or Chicken Burger
Tomato Relish & Aioli with Lettuce, Tomato & Beetroot
Extras:               Egg, Bacon, Cheese.                                 $1.00 each

*Meatlovers*Classic Hawaiian*BBQ Meats selection.            $19.80

*Smoked Chicken & Cranberry Pizza                                      $23.40   
Always available  during  Bar  service  times!
Pizzas - Garlic Bread - Homemade Pies - Filled Rolls - Paninis - Sandwiches - Wraps

All our FOOD is cooked to order. Please enjoy our hospitality while you wait!

Takeaway Menu
Available from: 5pm to 8pm – 7 Days.

Tempura battered 180g Southern Blue Whiting                     $5.50
Scoop Chips                                                                      $4.00
Chips ½ Scoop                                                                  $3.00
Fish & Chips                                                                      $9.50

        BLUE COD (Seasonal) please ask if available!                $12.50
Seasoned Wedges                                                              $9.50
Kumara Chips                                                                     $9.80

Hot Dog with tomato Sauce                                                  $3.50

Battered Onion Sausage                                                       $3.50

Beef Spring Roll                                                                  $4.00

Curry and Rice Roll                                                              $4.00

Meat Pattie Battered                                                            $4.00
Squid Ring                                                                each - $1.00
Prawn Twister                                                            each - $2.50
Chicken Nuggets                                                         each - $1.00
Onion Rings crumbed                                                  each - $1.00
Crabstick.                                                                            $2.00
Donut with Cinnamon Sugar                                                  $4.00
Jam Wrap Raspberry                                                             $4.00
Nibbles Fried Selection                                                            $16.80


Meatlovers  -  Classic Hawaiian  -  BBQ Meats selection.              $19.80
               Chicken & Cranberry Pizza.                                        $23.40

Chicken Burger.                                                                      $9.50
Beef Burger.                                                                             $10.50
Extras   Egg, Bacon, Cheese.         $1.00 each

All our FOOD is cooked to order. Please enjoy our hospitality while you wait!
Please don’t place your order via Facebook – as it is not monitored! Thank You

Dine-In Menu

RUMP & ROASTIES: 400g Steak                                            $22.80
Otago Beef Steak, Served with Paprika seasoned Roasties (Potatoes)
or Steak Fries, add a side salad for $6.50

RIBEYE: 300g Prime NZ Aged Angus Beef Steak                                   $36.50         
seasonal salad, garlic spread, Roasties (Potatoes) or Steak Fries

BLUE COD: Battered fresh to order or Grilled                                       $34.50       
with a side salad, fries, lemon & tartare sauce

SALMON: Foveaux Strait sea-run salmon                                                 $39.50        
Seared & oven baked on a Rosti with Hollandaise & salad

PIZZA: Chicken & Cranberry, Seafood or Vegetarian                                $23.40        
Made with our in-house sauce on a crispy thin base. G/Free base + $5.00

SOUTHERN BLUE WHITING: Tempura battered                                             $24.50         
180g fillet cooked in Sunflower oil, with fries & salad  

Available from Wednesday to Sunday from 5.00pm to 8.30pm.
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Middlemarch 9597
Central Otago. NZ
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